Yoga Plus

2/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, Victoria
Phone: (043) 577-0395


Useful tips for your yoga classes:


Arriving for your first yoga class can be daunting – we know, we’ve all been there! Here are some tips, suggestions and policies we have to make your experience as relaxing as possible:


Who can come to class

Classes are for ADULTS unless specified otherwise. We offer Kids and Teen yoga for our younger members. You do not need to book ahead, but online registrations are preferred as they will speed up your registration process. Beginners are welcome at all classes.


When to arrive

15 minutes before your first class, 10-15 minutes before every other class. Doors open 15 minutes before the scheduled start and the doors are locked strictly at the start time. We don’t accept late arrivals. Please do not knock if you are late.


If you are early for your class, please wait quietly until the doors are opened (the class before yours may still be in progress).


Once inside

Introduce yourself to the teacher and we will look after you from here.

We will show you where you can leave your shoes and belongings. We will also ask you to sign a registration form and help you set up.


Once you are on your mat and waiting for your class to start we ask that you keep chatter to a minimum – best to sit or lay back and relax.


Mobile phones

Please do not bring your phone into the studio. If you must bring it in, it is to be switched OFF (not vibrate) and left on the shelf with your personal belongings.


What to wear

Comfortable workout clothes. Women usually wear tights/tracksuits and a singlet/T-shirt. Men usually wear supportive shorts/tracksuits and a singlet/T-shirt.


Yoga is practiced without shoes or socks, we will provide a place for you to store your shoes and belongings.


Please do not wear any heavy perfume, and ensure you are freshened up prior to attending class. 


What to bring

Yoga mats are supplied free of charge, however we recommend purchasing your own quality mat for hygiene reasons. A selection of yoga mats are available at the studio. We choose to stock Jade yoga mats.

Please bring a towel if you are prone to sweating.


Eating before yoga

We advise not to eat a heavy meal 2-3 hours before yoga class.  A small snack is OK. Stay well hydrated throughout the day and you should not feel the need to drink water during class.


Chewing gum is not permitted in class.


If you have an injury

Please let your teacher know on arrival so we can look after you in class.


Hands on adjustments

If you prefer not to have hands on adjustments let your teacher know.


If we have not covered everything you need to know give us a call!